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nexus lifecycle

Empower teams with precise component intelligence to enforce policies and continuously remediate risk.


nexus repository

Manage libraries and store artificats in a universal repository and share them across development teams.

Key Benefits of the Sonatype Nexus Platform

Developers save on average 4 hours per week with the Nexus platform.

Companies report ROI of 232% over three years on average the Nexus platform. 

Improved security and compliance efficiency enable 2 FTEs to be repurposed, on average.  

Nexus Lifecycle

Automatically find and fix open-source vulnerabilities at every stage of the SDLC.

Nexus Repository

Manage Packages Across Your Software Supply Chain.

  • Centralize: Give your teams a single source of truth for every component. 
  • Store: Optimize build performance and storage costs by caching artifacts. 
  • Develop: Supports 18 package formats in one deployment.
  • Scale: Install on unlimited servers for scalability and efficiency. 


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Nexus Firewall

Your first line of defense for modern software supply chains.

  • Automatically detect malicious components before the chance of a cyber attack.
  • Quarantine suspicious open-source components to be reviewed by Sonatype.
  • Create policy-based rules that only allow OSS components that meet the standard.


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Our Managed DevOps SaaS Platform allows you to tailor your Sonatype deployment to your enterprise requirements for Security, Hybrid / Multi-cloud Connectivity, Integrations and Support.

Sonatype Resource Center

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Visit our dedicated Sonatype resources center to learn how your team can get the most value out of Sonatype tools. 

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