Learn How Enterprises Run CloudBees Software Delivery Automation (CI/CD) as SaaS

Moving to the cloud can be a powerful thing, but many organizations aren’t sure how to get there – and when they do, who manages it?

Submit your details to watch our webinar recording. Our panel of subject matter experts from CloudBeesiTMethods and AWS discuss how to run a managed version of the DevOps automation tools you know and love, including CloudBees Software Delivery Automation (CI/CD), as SaaS.

In this webinar you will learn how iTMethods helps to solve DevOps Toolchain Challenges:

  • Focusing Limited Resources on Business Priorities 
  • Software Currency
  • Operating Securely in The Cloud
  • Functional Expertise Gaps
  • Ability to Execute Quickly

Watch the Webinar

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iTMethods’ reliable, scalable, single-tenant Managed DevOps SaaS Platform delivers 45+ leading DevOps tools as a Managed/SaaS service, solving for integration and visibility challenges across your entire toolchain.